Jesus is Always on Time

The mother sobs as her son is carried away to be prepared for burial.  She is despondent, not only at the loss of her loved one, but at the dim prospects life now holds for her.  Her culture has little means for women to support themselves and she has lost the final male in her household to care for her.  It is a sombre groups that carries the young man toward the tomb.  As is part of the Jewish tradition, many mourners join the mother on the sad trek outside the city walls.

It seems a hopeless situation but that changes in an instant with the approach of Jesus.  He comes up to the coffin, touches it, and the bearers stop.  Our Lord is filled with immense compassion at the sight as He knows full well the depth of grief and pain this widow is experiencing.  With a few words – “Young man, I say to you, get up!” (Luke 7:14 NIV) He changes everything.  The young man sits up and begins to talk and is given to his mother.

There are two reactions in the crowd:  awe at the miracle they witness and praise for God who orchestrated this wonderful miracle.  How grateful they are that Jesus has arrived “just in time”.

Some days it seems though Jesus isn’t there when i need Him.  i get so caught up in my own troubles and worries that my vision is skewed.  I’ve had times where doubt and dismay have taken over and I wonder why there is no relief.  But Jesus is always on time – not necessarily what I consider the correct time but when Jesus knows it is the right time.

The same compassionate Jesus who reached out to the widow of Nain is there to reach out to me and you as well.  When suffering and pain are paramount, He is there beside us offering hope and comfort.  He is the way out of our troubles if we are willing to listen and be open to His ministry among us.

As Jesus conquered death that day with the deceased young man brought back to life, so He conquers death forevermore by arising from the grave on Easter morning.  Death holds no power over us if we trust in our loving Saviour and believe in Him as Lord.

Do you hear His voice speaking to you in the low times of life?  I know I am guilty of tuning Him out at times.  But Jesus persists – being there just at the right time to provide what we need.  Sometimes it is healing or freedom from trouble, but other times it is providing strength to grow through the tough experience.

Is life throwing some curve balls your way?  Remember the same compassionate Saviour who aided the widow is there to help you as well.

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